Rockville, MD, 7/20/2021 – Lumo Imaging, a forerunner in AI-based Total Body Photography (TBP) systems, is thrilled to announce its successful acquisition of a National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant. The $256,000 award, which includes a subaward to Johns Hopkins University, is earmarked for the innovative research and development (R&D) of a state-of-the-art pigmented lesion analysis system tailored for wide field-of-view images.

Our groundbreaking software has the potential to propel TBP to the forefront of dermatology. By enhancing the capabilities of our pioneering TBP system - Lumo Scanner - we aim to offer unparalleled full-body skin lesion resolution, thereby transforming the way dermatologists diagnose, monitor, and manage clinically-relevant skin lesions.

In the US, nearly 5 million people require treatment for skin cancer annually, with a staggering estimated cost of $8.1 billion. However, by facilitating early detection of suspicious pigmented lesions (SPLs) through our advanced Total Body Photography technology, we can significantly improve melanoma prognosis and potentially reduce treatment costs by up to 20-fold.

The combination of our Lumo Scanner and the new cutting-edge screening algorithms developed through this project promises to revolutionize dermatology practices. By enabling technicians to perform highly accurate total body scans, dermatologists can prioritize high-risk patients, improving efficiency and patient care. Moreover, our innovative TBP system can help address the shortage of dermatology services in under-resourced areas.

Andrea Belz, Division Director of the Division of Industrial Innovation and Partnerships at NSF, extols the NSF's commitment to supporting transformative ideas that can shape the future of science, engineering, and particularly dermatology.

Lumo Imaging’s Managing Director, Davood Tashayyod, stated, "In the context of a national screening program, Lumo Imaging's advanced Total Body Photography system could democratize access to high-quality dermatology services. Our mission is to make low-cost annual full-body skin screenings a reality for everyone, irrespective of their geographical location or financial circumstances."

Securing a Phase I SBIR/STTR grant primes small businesses for the opportunity to apply for a Phase II grant and the possibility of securing additional matching funds. This NSF initiative champions the development of promising technologies with the potential to revolutionize sectors, including dermatology, and yield significant societal impact.

About the NSF's Small Business Programs: America’s Seed Fund, powered by NSF, dedicates $200 million annually to support startups and small businesses, turning scientific discoveries into products and services that can reshape industries and improve lives.

About Lumo Imaging: Lumo Imaging is a trailblazer in the development of smart imaging devices for dermatology and forensic markets. Our current focus lies in developing machine learning applications for the accurate documentation, efficient monitoring, and reliable screening of skin lesions and cancers. With the support of the NSF and future grant funding, Lumo Imaging is poised to secure FDA clearance for its skin cancer screening device in the next three years.

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