Lumo Dermatology Suite

Creating a new standard for total body photography (TBP) imaging of patient lesions and their evolution

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LumoScan Hardware

LumoScan Hardware is a compact, high-resolution scanning device capable of capturing over 90% of body surface with dermatological precision in under 60 seconds.

Its small footprint allows for easy integration in any space, with no need for a dedicated room. User-friendly and easily adjustable, LumoScan can be operated by individuals with minimal expertise and can adapt to the size of the subject with customizable focus settings.

Swift and High Resolution Scanning
LumoScan provides swift, high-resolution body scans, covering over 90% of the surface area.
Ease of Operation
Despite its powerful scanning features, LumoScan is compact, user-friendly, and easy to integrate into any setting.
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LumoScan Software

LumoScan Software is a user-friendly platform offering customizable camera focus based on subject size, and streamlined data storage and retrieval in multispectral DICOM files.

It integrates with local or cloud-based PACS systems and features an emergency reset for the associated hardware. The software also facilitates data transfer to LumoCrunch software for efficient processing.

Robust and Flexible Data Management
LumoScan Software combines ease of use with flexible customization and robust data management.
Data Protection
It features quick emergency hardware reset and seamless data transfer for processing.
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LumoCrunch Cloud Pipeline

LumoCrunch is a powerful Google cloud-based image processing tool that facilitates remote data handling, processing, and updating of DICOM files. It allows users to apply various processing recipes, such as super-resolution, contrast enhancement, 3D rendering, and more, to images.

LumoCrunch features a cloud user interface for setting up global and examination-specific recipes, as well as the ability for clinicians to create custom recipes for specific scans and reprocess images as needed.

AI-Driven Compute Engine
LumoCrunch provides comprehensive cloud-based image processing with customization options, facilitating the application of complex data processing recipes.
Flexible Data Handling
LumoCrunch offers flexibility in data handling, allowing clinicians to create custom recipes for specific scans and reprocess images.
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LumoTrack Add-On Module

LumoTrack: Track Lesion Evolution

The optional LumoTrack Module is a sophisticated tool that enables the creation of proprietary shape correspondence sidecar data for every DICOM with a previous scan.

It provides the capability to save this shape correspondence data as a sidecar blob with the newer DICOM scan file. Additionally, LumoTrack can compute shape correspondence between various illuminations.

Shape Correspondence
LumoTrack Module allows for the creation and saving of proprietary shape correspondence sidecar data for DICOM scans.
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LumoDoc: DICOM Viewer and Editor

LumoDoc is a versatile Google cloud-based DICOM viewer. It handles DICOM file requests, uploads, and updates from multiple sources, and offers a range of display options, including 2D, 3D, and heatmaps.

LumoDoc allows non-destructive annotations, lesion identification, and overlays of colored features. It includes a virtual tape measure tool and can link and store dermatoscope images, providing comprehensive image analysis capabilities.

Full-Suite DICOM Application
LumoDoc offers comprehensive DICOM viewing, annotation, and lesion visualization options.

Full-Suite DICOM Application
LumoDoc integrates advanced tools such as a virtual tape measure and the ability to link and store dermatoscope images.
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